World’s ugliest dog

Beauty contests are so shallow. It’s all about what you look like, with no consideration given to the contestant’s personality. Well, here’s one contest where inner beauty shines. That’s because there sure isn’t any beauty to be found on the outside. For nearly five decades, the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest has crowned the most repulsively lovable pup of the year. Whether they went through tough times on the street, suffered from debilitating health conditions, or were just born with a mug even a mother couldn’t love, these dogs show that it’s your personality that counts. At the same time, the contest aims to raise awareness of animal rescue and adoption. Just because the puppy at the shelter is pug-ugly, you shouldn’t hesitate to take it home.

Here are the runner ups to this year’s international contest. 

Daisy Mae #3: Over the years, the 14-year-old Daisy Mae has lost a lot of things. Some of those things include large patches of her fur, her teeth, and the use of her eyes. What she hasn’t lost is her even older sister (although she’s not a patchy-furred goblin). The elderly sisters love cuddling together in sunspots. Yet, Daisy Mae still has the energy to chase some squirrels off her gul-danged lawn. And they’re smart to get lost, too — word has it Mae was tough enough to run with a cat gang in her younger days.

Rome came in #2. You know that phrase, “pug-ugly?” It may have been invented to describe this one-eyed scar-face. Rome is a 14-year-old pug residing in The Pug Hotel in Rohnert Park, California. He might be missing an eye and his legs may be horribly bowed, but the old man can still dance. Literally. Whenever he gets excited — which is often — he breaks into a happy tippy-tapping tap dance routine.  Rome, owned by Michelle Grady of Rohnert Park, California, took second place, while also winning the People’s Choice Award. Rome is described as “a sweet old man in a tiny pug body.” He’s also a member of a pug relay team that raises funds to provide differently-abled dogs with wheelchairs. Like many of the dogs in this competition, he makes a big contribution to the community – visiting hospice patients and taking part in the 2023 Wheeling Pug Relay team, which raises money to buy wheelchairs for dogs.

And the winner is…

“Wild Thang” is a real veteran of ugly dog competitions. An 8-year-old Pekingese named Wild Thang took top honors at this year’s competition, held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, He has competed in the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest five times — and this year, he finally won. Despite that, he’s a happy dog who loves toys above all things. When Wild Thang was a puppy, Wild Thang contracted distemper from a rescue foster brother. Unfortunately, the other puppy did not survive, but Wild Thang did. Although he has suffered permanent damage like his teeth not growing in properly or his right leg paddling 24/7, he has overcome these obstacles to become a happy and healthy dog. A press release for the event calls Wild Thang’s victory “a testament to his undeniable charm and resilience.”

MUG Root Beer was a first-time sponsor of the event that offered a cash prize pool of $10,000 for the top three winners. The first-place winner received $5,000, second place $3,000 and third place $2,000. In addition, the company said Wild Thang will be featured on a limited-edition can of root beer, the fair said. 

Beauty Beckons

Beauty contests are becoming a popular way to promote things. For instance, the winner of the Trigonometry Club’s beauty pageant was crowned…
Miss Calculation.

Don’t you agree that time is the greatest healer?
He may be, but is certainly no beauty specialist. 

The Miss Universe pageant is definitely rigged.
The winners are always from Earth.

My wife is just as beautiful as she was 20 years ago…
Of course now it takes her longer.

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