Catzilla and the Restaurant

In classic Japanese horror films, gigantic monsters roam the countryside destroying everything in their path, however, at one Osaka restaurant it was a band of non-marauding “Catzillas” that stepped in to save the day. Naoki Teraoka’s miniature-railway-themed restaurant was doing well until the pandemic struck Japan. As sales dwindled, things got so bad the restauranteur was actually thinking of closing his doors—and then the inspiration cat struck. Naoki didn’t have the heart to turn away the sickly kitten he’d noticed hanging around the restaurant. He and his family decided to adopt the baby cat they named Simba (lion in Swahili)—only to realize Simba was part of a package deal. Soon after they’d taken Simba in, another cat appeared at their window that turned out to be Simba’s mom. With a lack of customers and surplus food to spare, Naoki started feeding the stray kitty. Then, during a particularly rainy spell, Momma Cat showed up with three kittens in tow. The Teraoka’s decided to adopt them in as well. “It was a financially difficult time for us, but we decided to help the cat family. Yes, we thought we were helping them, but they were the ones who helped us,” said Naoki. The cats began making themselves at home amidst the restaurant’s perfectly scaled model train layouts that had fascinating customers in the good days. The kitties towered over the miniature landscapes looking very much like something out of a movie that might easily be titled, “Attack of the 50-Foot Felines!”

Naoki began taking photos of the cats lounging and playing in their miniature cities posting the results online. The pictures drew more attention than the restaurant and that is when Naoki go the idea to reinvent the restaurant that turned out to be a real winner. Diners can see the cats lounging and posing as the monsters from a Japanese movie while they eat. While the model trains remained an attraction. They transformed the place into a cat sanctuary where patrons could interact with stray cats as they dined, take monster pictures—and even adopt the cats. As customers began to flow in and popularity grew, he was able to expand his operations with a second-floor cat shelter and kitty hotel. Naoki tries to populate his establishment with felines that are most at risk. To date, he’s traveled as far as 200 miles to make a rescue, has been responsible for finding homes for more than 60 strays, and has taken dozens more off the streets.

Feline Funnies

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you.

There are no seeing eye cats, of course, because the sole function of cats
in the Great Chain of Life, is to cause harm to human beings.

What does Godzilla do part time when he’s not destroying cities?
He flips houses.

June 23rd Birthdays

1940 – Wilma Rudolph, 1981 – Melissa Ruach, 1995 – HoYeon Jung, 1990 – Allie Bertram

1948 – Clarence Thomas,  1912 – Alan Turing,  1979 – LaDainian Thomlinson

Morning Motivator:

You either innovate or you become history.

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