Pete’s Presidential Proposal

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the president have told Americans that the way to save money from high gas prices is to take efficient transit. Pete and others on the left have suggested carpools, using electric cars and even smaller fossil fuel cars that use less gas per trip. In the third world they have already conquered this problem. In many countries they use motorcycles to move large numbers of people through major metropolitan areas efficiently. The motorbikes are very fuel efficient, take less space and cost much less than a car. An increase in US gas prices and predicted shortages will lead to alternative modes of transit, beyond public transportation.  Motorcycling in the US has become increasingly popular because of fuel prices and the sense of freedom riders can enjoy. In addition, motorcycles and scooters can cost as little as a few hundred dollars and have much higher fuel efficiency than hybrid automobiles, making them attractive to low-income individuals. Motorbikes can be refueled easily and thousands of gas stations in a matter of minutes rather than an EV finding a charging station and waiting hours. Because motorcycles are more feasible for commuting long distances, higher gas prices are expected to affect motorcycle use more than bicycle use or walking.

Here is an example of the efficiency that Indian families get from their motorbikes as their fuel prices are also over $5 per gallon, while the typical family income is dramatically lower. Three people riding a two-wheeler is a fairly common site in the country, one family was able to get all six of them on their motorbike. In the video below you can see the smiling family recorded as they very efficiently head home from the city. First, a man sits on a motorbike with a little girl in the front. Then a woman accommodated the second child in the front while another woman sat behind and held the third child in her arms. Finally, the woman sits with another boy in the backside. Social media users found this clip hilarious, while some expressed their concern over the safety in the comments section. One user asked, “What is the make and model of the bike which can transport this much load? But from safety perspective, pray God nothing should happen.” Another person commented, “This is the condition of India’s lakhs (dollars) for middle class families.” In a democracy, citizens are free to innovate and make the economy work for them. These folks and the other multi riders are surpassing the call of Biden and his assistant to make the most of the limited resources their governments allow in the country. Perhaps, instead of Pete just pedaling the last mile to work for TV, next time he will bring the whole family on a motorbike.

Coming to America

Yesterday, I bought a bottle of Whiskey and was on my way home on my motorcycle.
Suddenly a thought occurred to me; What if my motorcycle crashes? What would I drink once I get home?
So I stopped right then, and gulped the entire bottle down, sitting beside the road.
I’ll tell you, that was one of my smartest moves. I crashed 4 times before I reached home yesterday.

Little known fact, Moses had a motorcycle.
It literally says so in the Bible:
“And lo, the roar of Moses’ Triumph was heard throughout Israel.”

Police: You are under arrest!
Me: Why?
Police: Because you transport 6 people at once on a single motorcycle.
Me: Did you say six?
Police: That is correct, six!
Me: Damn it, we have lost Chantal.

What’s the most dangerous part of a motorcycle?
The nut that connects the seat to the handlebar.

June 23rd Birthdays

1969 – Jennifer Lopez, 1971 – Minka Kelly, 1982 – Raven Goodwin, 2001 – Mo’ne Davis

1988 – J. J. Redick,  1996 – Harris Dickinson, 1991 – Max Ehrich, 1980 – Lionel Messi

Morning Motivator:

“There is no FAIL as it stands for First Attempt In Learning…”

Mini Mass Transit efficiently

See and feel the thrill