I hate crushing walnuts? Butt

Mr. Cherry Yoshitake, otherwise known simply as Mr. Cherry, is a Japanese comedian who holds 26 Guinness World Records. While all of them are on the unconventional side, one record in particular stands above the rest: Most walnuts crushed by sitting down in 30 seconds. Here is a recap of our SoraNews24 “Mr. Sato” interviewing “Mr. Cherry:”

Mr. Sato: First, could you please tell us how your “most walnuts crushed by sitting down in 30 seconds” Guinness World Record came to be? Was it one of your original talents?

Mr. Cherry: “Nope, it wasn’t in my repertoire. I first did it on a TV program in the U.K.”

Mr. Sato: You were on a TV show in England?

Mr. Cherry: I used to belong to theatrical company as part of a three-member comedy group called “Razzy Queen.” I would perform stunts with my butt, stuff like removing the cork from a bottle of champagne or breaking cooking chopsticks.”

Mr. Sato: So you could say that your specialty was performing with your butt.

Mr. Cherry: “Yup. Then, at the end of 2012, U.K. broadcasting corporation BBC contacted me with an offer. The program was called “Officially Amazing” and featured contestants from Japan, the U.S., and the U.K. who were challenging Guinness World Records. The very first challenge was ‘Most walnuts crushed by sitting down in 30 seconds.’”

Mr. Cherry: “At the time I had never crushed walnuts with my butt. In mid-January of the following year a filming crew came to Japan from the U.K. and I started intensive training. The 30-second record at that time was 38 walnuts, but all I could do was one. It was a tough nut to crack, but through trial and error I devised a technique that I call ‘the shrimp move.’ The record holder at the time would use ‘crab style’ to lower their butt straight down and then just to the side to break the walnuts, but I come at them from the side of my butt while sliding to break them. The sliding movement resembles a shrimp so that’s how it got its name.”

Mr. Sato: Whoa, it’s like you have your own fighting game-style super move! So how many walnuts did you end up crushing with the shrimp style?

Mr. Cherry: “48, but I actually broke my own record. In February of this year I smashed that record with 78. That’s the record now.

Mr. Sato: You completely improved upon yourself. You’re evolving. Can you really do it so easily? I think cracking even one walnut is difficult. Mr. Cherry, walnuts are really hard, right? I eat them at home on a regular basis and crack them open with a screwdriver. I’ve hurt my hand before doing this. There’s got to be walnuts that are just really hard to crack, right?

Mr. Cherry: “It does depend somewhat on the nut. Manchurian walnuts are really hard, for instance, but usually you’re safe with regular store-bought ones. I usually use ones imported from California.

Mr. Cherry shows us the nut cracking basics in this short video below.

Nutty Humor

Why do bodybuilders buy a ton of walnuts?
Because they are health nuts.

I’m thinking of hiring an elephant.
I hear they work for peanuts.

What do you call a prison for peanuts?
A peanutentiary.

Two peanuts walked into a bar.
And this is why genetic engineering has to be STOPPED!

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