These guys have a hole in the head.

Yang Yi Kui, 55,   who lives in the Jiangsu province of China, was operating a cutting machine. A nail that had been caught in the device flew out and “ripped into my head and left a small hole on the skin,” he said. Kui didn’t realize the nail was actually lodged inside his head until he felt sick. He got the shock of his life when he was told the cause behind his ‘splitting headache’. When he was examined, the doctors found out that a 3 inch long nail was stuck in of his skull. “I have no idea why there is a nail in my head,” he told the newspaper. “My job has nothing to do with nails.” He said he had suffered from mild headaches last week and when the pain got worse on Friday he went to hospital. After they did an X-ray, doctors at the Chongyang People’s Hospital were shocked to discover a nail in the right side of the man’s skull, according to the report. The doctors said Hu’s other health indicators such as blood pressure were all normal, and it was not clear how the nail ended up there. In order to remove the nail, doctors performed a craniotomy, meaning they removed a piece of his skull to access the brain. Though the procedure to remove the nail was risky, Yang’s eyesight and nerves remained unscathed and he is now in stable condition, according to Medical sources.

Not being able to feel a brain injury is a common phenomenon. Locally, there were construction workers on two levels of scaffolding outside a building under construction. The man above was shooting nails into the building and accidently fired the gun so that a nail went through the board and into the head of the worker below who had a ball cap on. The first worker immediately knew there was an emergency and yelled down to his buddy below that he had been shot. The worker on the lower level thought his buddy was teasing him and kept doing his job. The crew all climbed down to assist the injured man, but the lower worker insisted he was all right even though his fellows could see that his ball cap was nailed to the top of his head. The crew got him to an ambulance and the hospital was able to remove the nail with very little pain, In fact, the surgery may have caused more injury than the nail. Be careful around construction sites.

Oral Brain Spasms

The stomach is smarter than the brain.
Because the stomach warns you when it is empty, the brain does not.

Right now my brain is like a web browser.
I’ve got 21 tabs open. 5 of them have crashed, and I can’t work out where the music is coming from.

I read somewhere we only use 10% of our brains
I wonder what the other half is used for?

My wife always has a headache when I come home from work. I asked her if I could help her get rid of it.
She said, “Yes, leave the room.”

September 27th Birthdays

1987 – Hillary Duff,  1973 – Gwyneth Paltro, 1983 – Anna Camp, 1978 – Dana Loesch

1982 – Anderson Varejão,  1993 – Alex Landi, 1993 – Sam Lerner, 1992 – Thomas Mann

Morning Motivator:

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than
an hour of praise after success.

A hole in the head