It looks scary

Cristiano Piquet and his buddy Diego were out flying their paragliders near Homestead, Fl last Sunday morning. Cristiano has quite an elaborate set up with his flying machine. It is a hang glider with a small gasoline motor and propeller to drive it. Cristiano wears a flight suit and has multiple Go-Pro cameras on the rig in order to video himself as he flies and another that records the earth as he flies over it. The cameras also keep a record of his speed and position. So the two buddies were just floating around a big farm field enjoying the view from heaven when Cristiano realized that in the canal that ran along the farm, there was a woman ‘holding on for her life’ to the top of a car. He slowed and circled around to make sure he had seen the scene correctly.

“I think God told me, ‘My friend, land and save that one life.’ We landed between power lines and uneven terrain … it was a terrible landing situation. For some reason, I was calm.” Dramatic video captures the moment a Florida paraglider swoops in to help rescue a woman clinging to the roof of her submerged vehicle in a canal — as an alligator swims nearby. She called back: “Help me before the alligators get me.” In the video from helmet you can see what transpired. Cristiano had to circle around a couple times to verify what he saw was real and then find a place where he and his friend could safely land. Paragliders have no landing gear. Actually his legs are the landing gear, so he has to be able to go slow enough to not break his legs on impact, but still fast enough to stay aloft and in control. Both flyers did get down after several circles over the field on one side of the canal.

On the ground Cristiano freed himself from his rig and ran to the canal while calling 911. He coached the woman to the top of the car. The noise and novelty of two paragliders circling over the field roused a neighbor who came to the other side of the canal to find out what was happening. Both men talked to the woman and the neighbor left and came back with a sturdy rope that he threw to the woman. With the neighbor pulling on the canal bank the woman was dragged out of the canal. She clung to the rescuer for a few minutes before the EMS came and took her to the hospital where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries. “Mission accomplished,” concluded Cristiano, who looked on. “God’s timing is perfect.”

Humor Rescued

If Biden and Buttigieg were trapped in a Buffalo’s snow. Who will be rescued?

A word of warning if you are thinking of getting a rescue cat.
My nan had a rescue cat. The other day she slipped and fell over.
The so called “rescue” cat just sat there and did nothing !

I was clinging for dear life on the edge of the cliff…
As the rescue team approached, one of the guys shouted, “Whatever you do, don’t look down!”
So I started smiling…

Two sailors were adrift on a raft of planks from their sunken ship. They were sunburned,  hungry and tired and had given up hope of rescue. One got on his knees and began to shout a prayer. “Oh Lord, I have been worthless in my life. I have been unkind to my wife. I have abandoned my children and lived sinfully, but If you will save me, I promise…” Just then the other sailor shouted, “Hold it, I think I see land.”  

December 30th Birthdays

1980 – Elize Dushku, 1953 – Meredith Viera, 1959 – Tracy Ullman, 1986 – Caity Lotz

1975 – Tiger Woods,  1992 – Michael Eric Reed, 1993 – Carson Wentz, 1981 – Sean Hannity

Morning Motivator:

You don’t have to be good to start, but you have to start to be good.

Someone sees you