Iced Aged man

A 65-year-old Traverse City man decided to take a winter walk with his dog “Ruby.” For reasons yet to be determined the duo took a walk across a frozen lake. The ice held them up until he got a ways out from the shore. A few hundred feet from the shore he fell through the ice and was up to his arm pits in frigid water staying upright by having his arms spread over the ice. Ruby stayed with him,  but was not much help immediately. Fortunately some of his relatives were on the shore and saw him fall into Arbutus Lake, They called 911 emergency services around 11:45 am after seeing the man plunge into the icy waters. Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer Kammeron Bennetts responded to the lake and saw the man, a black spot on a white ice covered lake. He called for backup and an ambulance and then retrieved a so called “rescue disk” from his cruiser. The rescue disk is like a really fat Frisby with a sturdy rope attached to the middle of it. The orange disk will float and is easy to throw quite aways and the rope allows stranded people to secure themselves or be pulled to safety. The rest of the story was recorded on the officer’s body cam and is included below.

The man appeared to be stuck up to his armpits in the frigid water and called to some of his family on the shore.  Officer Bennetts first tried to throw a rescue disc tethered to a rope out to the man. The toss fell short, but the frigid guy could not move to get it. The creative officer asked him if “Ruby” would come to the shore when called. He said she would. So Officer Bennetts called Ruby to the shore and attached the long rope with the rescue disk to the dog’s sweater harness. The man in the water then called Ruby to come back to him and was able to grab the rescue disk.

Then the officer told the freezing man to kick his feet under water and try to lay across the top of the ice as Bennetts pulled the rope attached to the rescue disk back towards the sore. After some squirming and tugging the man popped of the water and was dragged back across the frozen lake on his soggy belly. When he got near the bank Bennett and a Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department firefighter were able to grab the man’s arms, with Ruby still attached to the rope. They got him into the ambulance. Officer Bennetts gave Ruby a big hug and an all over rub saying, “What a good girl!” Michigan State police Tweeted: “Amazing ice rescue from 7th District, MCO Bennetts. Creative thinking helped save a life!! EXCELLENT JOB MCO Bennetts and RUBY! Great team work and well done!” Miraculously, despite having spent 16 minutes submerged in the frigid water, the man was treated at a local hospital and released later that day.

Frigid Funnies

I’m chatting with my girlfriend’s dad about his recent ice fishing trip when he pulls out his phone and shows me a picture of his ice fishing spot.
It is just a picture of the lake-ice with a black X spray painted onto it.
I look at him, confused at first but then I realized he was kidding with me.
I tell him that he is going to have a hard time finding it next year.
He responds, “I know the ice is going to melt, that’s why I took a picture.”

Bert: “Boy, this ice fishing is a drag, I am freezing, I haven’t caught a thing all day, and those guys over there are falling in one fish after another.”  Ernie: “Oh sure, it’s not hard to catch fish if you cheat. Look, they put a hole in the ice.”  

The Winter Olympics. Letting white people win at sports no one else can afford to learn.

Why did the introvert walk around the frozen lake?
Because he didn’t wanna break the ice.

January 22nd Birthdays

2002 – Miranda McKeon, 1960 – Linda Blair, 1982 – Beverly Mitchell, 1965 – Diane Lane

1971 – Matt Iseman, 1968 – Guy Fieri, 1973 – Gabriel Macht,  1987 – Ray Rice

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