Good Boy Saves Philly Neighborhood

Chanell Bell noticed that her dog was behaving strangely. Investigating the matter, Chanell discovered that Kobe had dug a hole in through the grass and was standing guard over it. Kobe is a four-year-old husky who lives in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood with Chanell and her daughter in their townhouse. Now, that’s not exactly “groundbreaking” behavior for a dog. In Kobe’s case, though, it was unusual. “He’s definitely not a digger. He has never just randomly dug a hole. But hey, maybe he just felt like digging once in his life.” Without thinking much about it, Chanell filled the hole up. A few days later, Kobe dug another hole in the same exact spot. Chanell filled that hole up as well, wondering what had gotten to her dog. Then, on December 21, Chanell was outside with her eight-year-old daughter, setting up Christmas decorations. She also let Kobe out in the yard to participate in the family activity. Once again, he started digging. And once again, as you can see in the video below it was in the same spot.

After he was done with his masterpiece, Kobe sat proudly by the hole, his tongue hanging out. “You know when a dog does something wrong, and he knows he did something wrong? He didn’t give me that look at all,” Channel said. “He was giving me a look like ‘I did it, and I don’t regret it.’” Due to Kobe’s repeated hole-digging, alarm bells started going off in Chanell’s head. Maybe her dog wasn’t just being a weirdo for no reason? Back in November, a gas heater in Bell’s house had sprung a small leak. After the problem was repaired, Bell decided to buy a portable gas detector to spot any potential future issues. Something told her that maybe she should use her detector to get a reading by Kobe’s hole. “I didn’t expect to find anything at all,” Chanell admitted. Yet, when she placed the meter next to the hole, it went nuts. There was definitely gas spewing out of Kobe’s excavation project, and a lot of it.

Chanell alerted the local utility “Philadelphia Gas Works” about the issue. When they arrived, she received some grim news, the leak was “really serious” and something as small as flipping a light switch could have blown her house apart. PGW professionals quickly determined the gas leak was due to an old pipe that had rusted through. With that, they got to work to repair the leak. As they worked, though, they realized the problem was much bigger than they initially thought. It turned out that the gas lines leading to all Chanell’s neighbors’ houses were leaking as well. Essentially, the entire neighborhood was one big fireball waiting to happen. “We all had to get our gas turned off, Chanell said. The crew worked “non-stop” for three days to repair the issue and replace the neighborhood’s aged pipes. Fortunately, PGW was able to fix the problem before anybody exploded. Parts of her street are still torn up, but there should be no gas leaks left.  “Kobe was the hero discovering something and protecting us and our neighbors,” she said. “We never would have known. Just knowing that something awful was prevented is amazing.” While we have no confirmed reports, we believe it’s safe to assume Kobe got a few extra treats for saving the neighborhood. Such a “Good boy.”

Strange smells

The other day a young father took a seat on the bus next to an elderly man and plopped his one year old son his lap, just as the little boy began to cry and fidget. “That child is spoiled, isn’t he?” the old man remarked.” “No,” said the dad. “They all smell this way.” 

Women try out several outfits to make sure they look good and stylish and color
oordinated…Men smell their clothes and then put them on. 

What tastes better than it smells?
Your tongue.

Life expectancy would be lengthened and waistlines shrunk if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. 

January 25th Birthdays

1958 – Dinah Manoff, 1981 – Alicia Keys, 1994 – Kylie Padilla, 1991 – Pauline Chalamet

1978 – Volodomyr Zelenskyy, 1759 – Robert Burns, 1985 – Patrick Willis, 1991 – Dustin Ingram

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