Not so Kool-Aid

TikTok is a Chinese smartphone app that allows people to record 30 second videos and send them to others, The app is used primarily by teens to show off their bodies and stunts that will make them cooler than other kids. A new worrisome TikTok trend called the “Kool-Aid man challenge” has emerged that giving rise to teen vandalism in a number of states as youngsters try to burst through walls or fences of people’s houses. The idea is to be videoed bursting through like the Kool-Aid character does in commercials. The Massillon Police Department were first made aware that the challenge was called “fencing.” The Kool-Aid crisis has been smashing through the nation since at least the summer. TikTok users pretending to be the Kool-Aid Man by running headlong through fences? “Oh yeah,” say aggrieved homeowners from Staten Island to Idaho. Neighbors from Westerleigh, Staten Island, say they’re being terrorized by imitators of the mascot for the powdered drink mix. While the most popular clips show people busting through their own walls — often without the benefit of protective gear — the meme seems to have set off a spree of vandalism among suburban teens. A New York man’s fence was left with two baffling, human-height holes. Police told him a group of rowdy teens was to blame. “They get out of the car long enough to plow through someone’s fence while someone is recording, and they jump in the car and leave.” Omaha police reported occurrences of broken and damaged fences in July, with CCTV footage recording people racing through them. The department assumed it was part of a TikTok challenge at the time.

Don’t fence me out

TikTok does one thing well. Darwinism.

If idiots could fly this TikTok would be an airport.

Do you know why they called it TikTok? ‘Cause in just a matter of seconds the Chinese steal all your data!

A woke bureaucrat is asked to build a fence around a flock of sheep using the least amount of materials possible. So he builds a fence around himself and then defines himself as outside.

November 30th Birthdays

1986 – Kayley Couco, 1970 – Sandra Oh, 1983 – Elisha Cuthbert, 1969 – Amy Ryan

1945 – Ben Stiller, 1874 – Winston Churchill, 1835 – Mark Twain, 1963 -Bo Jackson

Morning Motivator:

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.

Challenging stupidity