Second story driving

20-year-old Evan Miller of Lewistown, Pa. had a grudge and he had been nursing it for some time. Authorities theorize Evan had some very emotional event in his young life and he wanted to express his frustration in a way that everyone around would remember him. So Sunday afternoon he was driving his 2006 Toyota Corolla through the suburban neighborhood and decided to vent his energy with his car. Reportedly Evan flew around some fields behind a housing development and then decided he would make a grand finale to his drive by speeding as fast as the old corolla would go down the street. It is not clear if Evan was intentionally trying to make the car jump or if he lost control, but he veered off the road and went through a drainage ditch. Between his speed and the angle of the side of the culvert Evan flew over two parked cars in the driveway and ended punching his Corolla into the second-floor bedroom of the house in   Decatur Township, PA. You can see from the picture he really had quite an amazing flight.

The owner of the home was at home Sunday afternoon and got quite a thrill as well, when at 3:15 Sunday afternoon he heard the crash and ran upstairs to see a car in the bedroom. The Junction Fire Company responded to the bizarre scene “within minutes,” and said the crash put the front of the car and the driver’s side through the house wall and into the bedroom. The passenger side of the vehicle came to rest on the roof while the trunk and rear tires hung off the home. Authorities said the driver was hospitalized and received treatment for their injuries. He was transported to Geisinger Lewistown hospital in unknown condition for treatment. It took three hours for fire and tow people to safely get the car down from the first-floor roof. “The Rescue crews stabilized the house and helped the homeowner put a tarp on the hole due to upcoming storms,” the Junction Fire Company said, noting that police and Parsons Towing assisted in the effort.

State police in Lewistown are investigating the incident, which they said was the result “of the driver attempting to inflict self-harm due to a mental health episode.” Pennsylvania State Police are not saying why they think the Sunday afternoon crash was “an intentional act” but did say the driver knew the home’s occupants. Evan has been arrested pending a long list of possible charges that could include aggravated assault, recklessly endangerment and criminal mischief.

Look at Me!

One of my friends had a midlife crisis car that he liked to drive around with the top down and the big stereo system blaring for everyone around to hear. He pulled up to a traffic light and the young man next to him laid on his horn and pointed saying, “Hey do you mind, I am on the phone here.” 

President Biden ordered an F16 missile attack to destroy the Chinese spy balloon.
Americans are thrilled. It’s the first thing he’s done to combat inflation.

I decided to show off my six pack on Tinder.
Budweiser is not getting me any dates.

A woman and her husband got a dog. They proudly present their new dog to their friend,
who absolutely adores the little guy.
“What a good boy!” Their friend says. “Did you adopt him?”
“No,” says the wife, “He’s our biological dog.”

August 11th Birthdays

1994 – Alyson Stoner, 1966 – Viola Davis, 1986 – Jaqueline Fernandez, 1990 – Ursula Corb

1954 – Hulk Hogan, 1984 – Chris Hemsworth, 1950 – Steve Wozniak, 1968 – Joe Rogan

Morning Motivator:

With love and patience, nothing is impossible.

Fly me to the roof