Picture a sneaky snake

It is getting to be Spring in Australia. That means the snakes are coming out of their winter quiet period, snakes in Australia do not hibernate, but as the temperature goes down toward freezing they just sleep a lot. This is the season for snake catchers, which is a job category in Australia. Our first couple thought something was wrong with their house when they came home and saw the large picture on their living room wall bent out. The reason the picture was displaced was a python had decided to hide back there. The lady of the house was not happy. She called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers to get that thing out of my house.

Dan Rumsey saved the day by rescuing the serpent and stopping it from potentially harming itself or the home’s humans. The “cheeky” serpent had comfortably wedged itself between the wall and frame of a hanging artwork. The snake was eventually removed safely and returned to its natural habitat. The video below shows Dan at work. After the camera pans to the right, it becomes clear there’s a large, slithery intruder nestled behind the frame. “That was what was pulling your painting down,” Dan said. As the professional snake removalist tries to untangle the beast from the artwork, an excited dog is seen wagging its tail, enthralled in the excitement. Eventually Dan manages to pull the print safely from the wall without harming the snake, grips the animal in the middle of its body and proceeds to carefully handle it, placing it gently in a bag moving it away from harm. “Sorry it took a while,” Dan says, after the merely seconds-long procedure.

Another Aussie household heard banging in their ceiling and could not see what was going on from the inside or the outside. It turned out the crawl space above that living area, while fully insulated, was too narrow for a human to get around up there. So Tiarnah from South Coast Snake Catchers decided to saw a hole in the ceiling and stick her cell phone up there to look around. She saw two pythons wrestling as pythons often do in the Spring to win the favors of a female python. Tiarnah was able then to get the snake stick around both of the guys when they were entwined and pull them down to the public space. It’s the stuff of nightmares for most people, but just another day on the job for the snake catching crew. Tiarnah can be seen gradually pulling the two huge animals from the roof, safely putting them into her bag. While, it may seem frightening, it’s actually fairly common for male carpet pythons to fight, even in our roofs. Just another day in Australia.  

Slithery Humor

The legend of St. Patrick is that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland and into American  law school. 

How do you get a snake into Hogwarts?
You tell it to slither in.

One time, the entire class gathered around the cage and, in complete silence, watched as the feeding took place. “I’m jealous of the snake,” the instructor said. “I never get the class’s undivided attention like this.” A student answered matter-of-factly, “You would if you could swallow a mouse.”

What’s worse than a box full of snakes?
A box that was SUPPOSED to be full of snakes.

August 28th Birthdays

1965 – Shania Twain, 1998 – Emilia McCarthy, 1982 – LeeAnn Rimes

1969 – Jack Black, 1987 – Armie Hammer, 1969 – Jason Priestley

Morning Motivator:

If you can’t calm the waters learn to ride the waves.

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