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Brandon Campbell, 27, was convicted for what appeared to be a stealing spree in the Denver suburbs and what’s around his ankle got the suspect caught. In one case a woman came home and heard a crash when her fence post was knocked over. Campbell was still inside the house when she called police. She discovered $90,000 worth of her items had been stolen. While he allegedly made off with some nice hauls, this spree could get him nominated for the world’s dumbest criminal. Catching and convicting a burglar isn’t always easy, but in this case the burglar was wearing the proof – a court ordered GPS monitoring ankle bracelet. “It’s stupid for sure. We can track anything from anywhere with a GPS device, so it’s silly, it’s almost like he wanted to get caught,” said Lucia Allison, whose neighbor was burglarized. Campbell was wearing the ankle bracelet while allowed out on bond for another case. “I don’t think that there’s any doubt at all that this guy is the last guy picked on the prison Brain Bowl team,” District Attorney George Brauchler said. The GPS tied Campbell to every one of the 15 home burglaries. Campbell is now facing 15 burglary charges added to the crime that was the reason he was wearing an ankle monitor in the first place.  In his last known crime he was caught stealing, ironically, a GPS navigation device. Support better schools.

Remedial Prison Classes

First Night in Prison:
I was introduced to my cellmate and he said…….
“You touch my stuff and I will kill you…….”
“I catch you staring at me and I will kill you…….”
“You touch me and I will kill you……..”
I thought to myself…….Great, just got here and I am
already married.

So Bill Cosby was released from prison,
and now I hear he’s getting his own television show.
“Women Say the Darndest Things.”

An alcoholic wakes up in the local lockup and asks the nearest officer why he’s there.
For excessive drinking” the officer replies. “Great, when do we start?”

Warden: “I’m sorry. I found out that we have kept you here a week too long.”
Convict: “That’s all right, sir. Knock it off the next time.”  

December 14th Birthdays

1992 – Tori Kelly, 1988 – Vanessa Hudgens, 1972 – Miranda Hart, 1973 – Tia Texada

1984 – Jackson Rathbone,  1972 – Eric Anderson, 1979 – Kyle Shanahan, 1972 – Marcus Jensen

Morning Motivator:

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.

I know where you’re hiding