Ticklish movements

Superbowl parties are everywhere. Some people even travel from house to house to celebrate the big game with all their friends. At every stop they have to have at least: a beer and then some pizza, some chips and a dessert. By the end of the parties many people feel like they were in the game. The combination of the alcohol and the all the diverse food from different cooks can often make Monday a digestive challenge.  Don’t worry, the pharmaceutical companies are here to rescue you, especially to leave your over consumption behind.  A new pill that takes a radically different approach to constipation treatment could help your overcome your overindulging. It is not a medicine as you normally think about it, but it does shake up your system and clean out the debris from the weekend.  It delivers vibrations that help kickstart the body’s natural processes for getting rid of waste. Most people turn to prescription or over-the-counter laxatives, which either pull more water into the colon to soften stool for easier passage or stimulate the walls of the intestine to help get things moving again. Vibrant takes the latter approach, but without the use of any drugs.

Vibrant looks like a pill, but before swallowing (around bedtime each night), it first needs to be activated by inserting it into a smartphone-connected pod. The pill makes its way through the body the same way food and other orally consumed medications do, but it isn’t dissolved or broken down by stomach acids. Vibrant capsules are made from the same medical-grade material as pill cameras and are engineered to be durable enough to survive even accidental bites. Instead, it delivers relief by making small vibrations in three second intervals (three seconds on, three seconds off) to help stimulate nerve cells that trigger peristalsis: the wave like muscle contractions that push food and waste through the body. After being swallowed, the pill vibrates for about two hours, goes dormant for around six hours, and then vibrates once again for another two hours. It remains completely intact until it exits the body (hopefully along with the blockage causing the constipation), when it’s then flushed away. It doesn’t sound like the motorized mechanism inside the pills is rechargeable—not that you’d want to reuse one after its first fantastic voyage. Unlike most laxatives, Vibrant doesn’t cause side effects like diarrhea; however, a small minority of test subjects were actually able to feel the pill vibrating inside them. But it wasn’t uncomfortable enough to stop them from taking it on a daily basis. Maybe next Super Bowl they will have a magic pill for that headache.

Morning after misery

Constipation is a thief of time,
but diarrhea waits for no man.

What does a Dallas Cowboys fan do after his team has won the Super Bowl?
He turns off the PlayStation.

What’s the best thing for a hangover?
Drinking heavily the night before.

A woman goes to the Doctor about her constipation “It’s making me really uncomfortable,” she says ‘I just sit on the toilet for 6 hours … and nothing happens’
‘6 hours?’ The Doctor asks, “Are you taking anything?”
‘Usually just a book’ replies the woman.

February 13th Birthdays

1979 – Mena Suvari, 2002 – Sophia Lillis, 1944 – Stockard Channing, 1968 – Kelly Hu

1977 – Ian Reed Kessler, 1950 – Peter Gabriel, 1977 – Randy Moss, 1948 – Mike Krzyzewski

Morning Motivator:

Some pursue happiness, others create it.

Whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on