Walking above the clouds

Some of us have trouble keeping our balance on the sidewalk, some are challenged by the retaining wall along the road, you can even walk a tightrope between to trees or gym sets. Walking at 6000 feet on a line strung between two hot air balloons is special. The balloons are moving, the line is moving, the wind is blowing and this day you could not even see the ground because Rafael Zugno Bridi was above the clouds. Rafael balanced his body precariously on a narrow inch-wide slackline among the clouds over Praia Grande in his native country Brazil. he broke the record of the highest ever slackrope walk at more than double the height of Burj Khalifa which stands at 2,722ft. Bridi described himself as a person “driven by challenges.” He said that he wanted to walk barefoot between two hot air balloons above the ground as he wanted to “experience the sensation of floating and freedom.” He was well aware that even a small mistake could have resulted in a catastrophe. He said that he achieved that state of concentration during the tightrope walk that he was having no clue what was going through his head.

Rafael said, “I like records that are hard to beat. My attention is fully focused on ensuring that all procedures are followed in detail.” It involved many years of dedication to the sport and especially to safety. In case of doubts, Rafael takes help from his team so that everything goes smoothly flows in an incredible way. He said that his friends were nervous when he decided to walk on the slackline above the ground for the first time. But now they are all immensely proud of his achievement. Rafael is a professional athlete and walking on slacklines was part of his daily routine. Every other day Guinness World Records posts amazing videos on its Instagram account. In the videos, from humans to animals all can be seen pushing their limits to set a new record in the world. Guinness also writes warnings as they can be dangerous if done without any preparations and guidance. Rafael said, ”The feeling of floating and freedom has always been one of the biggest motivations for my highline practice, and nothing can bring this sensation so vividly as a crossing between balloons where both point are in constant motion.”

Walk the line

I’ve decided to become a tightrope walker!
I figured I should give it a try since all my credit card companies say my balance is outstanding!

What’s a tightrope walker’s favorite beverage?

wonder if clouds ever look down on us and say,
“Hey look! That one is shaped like an idiot!”

What did the clouds do after seeing the light show?
They gave a thunderous applause.

May 4th Birthdays

1992 – Grace Phipps, 1988 –  Adele, 1956 – Sharon Jones, 1929 – Audrey Hepburn

2000 – Alex Lawther, 1959 – Randy Travis, 1978 – James Harrison , 1990 – Rory McIlroy

Morning Motivator:

Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.

From one balloon to another