Elephants rescue people and Vice versa

So what would you do if you were driving three of your favorite elephants and the tractor trailer you were driving started to tilt badly?  This happened on a Louisiana highway when the truck pulled to the berm and the tires sank into the soggy ground. Not only did it sink, but continued to sink as the crew waited for a tow truck to get them out. The only logical thing to do was get at least two of the elephants out of the truck and have them push the truck upright. When sheriff’s deputies arriving on the scene, they saw two elephants preventing the vehicle from overturning. Leaning side-by-side against the outside of the truck, the elephants propped up the trailer that still had one of the beasts inside during their trip from Florida to a circus near Dallas. The truck had pulled over on an interstate shoulder near Powhatan, Louisiana, about an hour south of Shreveport. A large tow truck arrived later in the day, “relieving the elephants of the burden.”

But where do elephants go when they can’t push trucks around to rest and enjoy their retirement? Since 1995, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee has provided elephants retired from performance and exhibition with a safe refuge and the companionship of other elephants. The facility has grown from 110 acres to 3,060 acres and has provided sanctuary to 28 elephants, making it North America’s largest natural habitat refuge for captive elephants. The Elephant Sanctuary maintains three separate habitats with heated barns, solar water pumps, hay storage buildings, spring-fed lakes, pastures and woodlands, natural log fencing, four onsite security houses, and miles of internal maintenance roads. Along with a spacious natural habitat and access to other elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary they receive individualized veterinary and husbandry care, diverse environmental enrichment, and the freedom of choice.

Mammoth Movers

What do you call a really unimportant elephant?

A pink elephant walks into a bar
The barman looks at him and says
“You’re too early mate, he’s not in yet.”

Why do elephants drink?
To forget.

What would you rather be stomped on by a herd of elephants or an angry woman in high heels… At least the elephants you could reason with.

May 19th Birthdays

1939 – Nancy Kwan, 1952 – Grace Jones, 1993 – Elinor Thomlinson, 1983 – Jessica Fox

1949 – Archie Manning, 1976 – Kevin Garnett, 1945 – Peter Townshend, 1986 – Eric Lloyd

Morning Motivator:

The happiest people make the best of everything they have.

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