Walking above the clouds

Theo Scheepens, 59, from the Netherlands was one of the first people to cross the world’s longest pedestrian bridge about 312 feet above the valley in the Keseníky mountains near the Dolni Morava, Czech Republic. Theo loved the feeling of the bridge moving under his feet and being way above the trees. “Marvelous, impressive, the bridge moves, so you think something is going to happen,” he said. “I wonder what is going to happen when it is windy. Today is terrific weather, we are very blessed.” The Sky Bridge 721, named after its 721-meter (2,365 feet) length, just opened for visitors after nearly two years of construction. The bridge spans the distance between two ridges in the mountains of the in the northeast section of the country, near the border with Poland. Construction of the Sky Bridge took about two years at a cost of roughly $8.3 million.

A maximum of 500 people will eventually be allowed on the bridge at any one time, but only half that amount will be allowed the first two weeks as authorities try to accommodate what they expect to be large crowds. Before heading up there, be sure to check wind conditions. The bridge will be closed for safety reasons if winds at the top of the mountain reach 84 mph. Those brave souls who take the daunting walk are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Of course, it may be tough to take in those sweet views if you’re too scared to open your eyes. So if heights are an issue for you, maybe sit this one out. The previous longest such bridge is in Arouca, Portugal, and is only 1,693 feet long, but is 574 feet above the river below. No fishing allowed.

Don’t look down

When Andrew Waugh was surveying Mt Everest in 1856 he came up with a height of exactly 29,000 ft. Fearing people would think that was just an imprecise guess-timate he reported it as 29,002 ft. Because of this, some say he was the first to place two feet on the summit of Everest.

I used to be afraid of heights until I started rock climbing…
Now I feel boulder.

What do you call a bird that’s afraid of heights?
A chicken.

Some people have a fear of heights.
Not me, I have a fear of widths.

May 16th Birthdays

1966 – Janet Jackson, 1986 – Megan Fox , 1973 – Tori Spelling, 1977 – Lynn Collins

1970 – David Boreanaz, 1995 – Mike Hizer, 1982 – Joseph Morgan, 1953 – Peirce Brosnan

Morning Motivator:

The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces.

The wind beneath your feet