Douna mess with my cheese

You actually may never have had real parmesan cheese. In America hundreds of brands misuse the name. In the EU, both the names “Parmigiano Reggiano” and “Parmesan” are strictly controlled. Only cheeses manufactured in very specific parts of Italy can legally be called by those names. But that’s not the issue. The issue is that cheese fraudsters are selling fake Parmigiano Reggiano all over the world, which results in massive losses for the makers of authentic cheese. Now, the cheesemakers are fighting back with high-tech weapons. They’ve started embedding tiny tracking devices into the rind on their cheese wheels.

The fake cheese brings in almost as much money every year as the real deal. That means Parmigiano Reggiano makers lose about half their potential income. Understandably, they’re not very happy about that. In order to protect the exclusive status of their cheese CFPR has decided to bring out a big gun. They’ve partnered with digital tracking technology firm P-Chip to create a novel solution.  CFPR, P-Chip, and casein cheese tag producer Kaasmerk, have developed the world’s first digital cheese tracking labels. It’s basically a James Bond-like tracking device — but for cheese. The tiny, food-safe chips are embedded into casein tags. Cheesemakers use the tags, made from the natural dairy protein casein, to mark cheese wheels with batch numbers and production dates. The casein tag eventually melds into the cheese rind, becoming one with the cheese. Only now, it will also merge the tracking chip into the wheel. “Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the world’s oldest and most famous cheeses, and it is a product that symbolizes Italian produce. By being the first to incorporate these secure digital labels onto our cheese wheels, we can continue to ensure consumer safety, bringing the traceability and the authentication of our products to meet industry 4.0 technological targets.

Cheesy chuckles

A young girl’s class was having a fund-raising crafts fair. The teacher sent a note home with all the children to the parents asking each family to contribute two craft items. The next day she found on her desk two boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese. 

Washington, DC, is to lying, what Wisconsin is to cheese. 

I taught my brother how to make his own cheese and now he can’t stop!
I created a muenster.

I have an addiction to Cheddar Cheese. Don’t worry, it’s only mild.

May 18th Birthdays

1971 – Tina Fey, 1993 – Brook Wexler, 1997 – Alana Etheridge, 1996 – Shivagni Joshi

1920 – Pope John Paul II,    1952 – George Strait, 1946 – Reggie Jackson

Morning Motivator:

You don’t have to be good to start, but you have to start to be good./sap

Don’t touch that cheese!