Stuck on Cats or ???

You may love cats but they can make your day exciting. Here are three feline follies:

Augustas the orange cat has some ‘splainin to do. Just how did he get stuck inside a potato masher? His owner recorded the immediate aftermath and posted the video. It shows Augustas wearing the utensil—more commonly known as the infuriating thing that keeps you from opening your cutlery drawer—like a high-waisted belt. He rolls and even jumps around to try to free himself from the masher. “This is why you don’t climb on the freakin’ counters!” his mom says. “Augustas calm down! Mommy’s got you.” 

Denver Animal Protection (DAP) received a call from the Denver Arc Thrift Store about a family in the process of moving that had dropped off a recliner to the Colorado thrift store without knowing their cat Montequlla was inside, according to KDVR. The store’s staff discovered the hidden kitty after the owners left, prompting them to reach out to DAP. “Sure enough, there’s a recliner out front, and there’s a little orange tabby stuck inside.” “Very friendly, couldn’t get out. They [store staff] said that they had noticed the meowing shortly after somebody had dropped it off.” Humphreys lured the cat out of the chair and, thanks to the feline’s microchip, identified his owners. Montequlla’s owners were frantically searching for the cat at the same time, unaware that the animal had crawled into their recliner before it was donated. The owners drove back to the thrift store, where store employees put them in contact with Denver Animal Protection.

Authorities in Florida came to the rescue of a cat that became stuck while apparently attempting to climb into the undercarriage of a car. The Seminole County Sheriff’s office said deputies responded to help a resident in the Oviedo area who found a cat with the front half of its body stuck in the undercarriage of the car. Photos from the rescue show a deputy on the ground carefully extracting the frightened feline. The sheriff’s office said the cat was safely removed.

Getting stuck

What did the vegetables say when they got stuck in a grocery bag?
Lettuce out!

What do you call two black birds stuck together?

I stuck pins in a voodoo doll of my arch enemy
I managed to cure his backache and help him quit smoking

My wife told me, If anything happens to me, I want you to meet someone new.
Apparently, anything doesn’t include getting stuck in traffic.

Morning Motivator:

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” ~Jonathan Winters