Lucky New Year’s Day

It may have been a very good or very bad New Year’s Eve that led the hero /victim of our story to be driving at a very high rate of speed on a two-lane ramp New Year’s day. Some people would also question the operator’s reaction time or even their conscious state. Whatever his state, they certainly had special protection, if not from an accident then from the consequences of their bad driving. A black sedan was traveling on Interstate 384 on Monday afternoon and went off the side of the road. He hit the first balustrade and the steel guard rail was ripped off the posts. The guard rail then impaled the engine compartment and went through the firewall into the passenger compartment. Amazingly in less than a second the rail sliced between the two front seats into the back seat and went out through the back driver’s side fender above the gas tank.

The biggest miracle was not the damage to the car or the guardrail, but that neither passenger in the front seat of the car was seriously injured. Even though as the pictures show there was 20 feet of guardrail hanging out of the back of the car and into the street when fire crews arrived. Both occupants were examined and treated at the scene, but taken to the hospital for examination. Fire crews used a gasoline powered saw to cut the guardrail in pieces to clear the roadway for traffic to resume. 

It’s very reminiscent of one that happened in Northeast Ohio a few snowy days earlier. On Christmas Eve as a Stark County man and his best friend were headed to a family celebration in Alliance. As they traveled along Anderson Road in the middle of the “bomb cyclone snow storm” just outside Minerva, the driver’s Dodge Charger suddenly slid off of the ice and snow-covered road and struck the guardrail. Again, no one was seriously hurt while the guardrail went completely through the car and out the back window.

Lucky day Jokes

I thought I was pretty lucky… I used to date two girls Kate & Edith at the same time.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. It turns out you can’t have your Kate and Edith, too.

A man goes to the doctor to have a bump checked:
The doctor takes a quick look and goes “Yep, that’s definitely a sting from the new poisonous bees. 8 out of 9 cases are fatal, but you’re very lucky, because in your case it’s bee nine.”

Today at the construction site we had an accident. I was hit in the head by a can.
Lucky for me it was a soft drink.

David was in the second grade and he got bumped getting on the bus and nicked his face on the bus door. Then later that day he was running at recess and banged heads with another guy and loosened a couple of his front teeth. Finally, he was sliding on the ice outside and fell down and broke his wrist. Dad met him at the emergency room and when they were done dad noticed David was clutching something in his good hand. Dad asked about it and explained. “See, I found this quarter in the parking lot. This is the first quarter, I ever found, this sure is my lucky day.” 

January 4th Birthdays

1995 – Maddie Hasson, 1999 – Coco Jones, 2001 – Addie Miller, 1997 – Emma Mackey

1999 – Collin Sexton,  1785 – Jakob Grimm, 1930 – Don Shula, 1643 – Sir Isaac Newton

Morning Motivator:

It’s always too early to quit.

Bet you can’t do that again