Plumbing for Jewels

Nick Day, from Lakeland, Florida, proposed to his beloved Shaina 21 years ago. Right before the wedding, her engagement ring went missing. They were at Nick’s parent’s house and Shaina was washing up after helping out house cleaning. She took her new ring off to preserve it and set it on the vanity next to the sink as she washed her hands. It turned out Shaina was really dusty and in the process of cleanup she splashed quite a bit. Automatically, after washing she wiped off the counter with a wash rag and then dumped the debris into the toilet and flushed it. The ring was gone. Shaina was so embarrassed when she realized what had happened, she came back the next day with the septic tank service. Nick and Shaina did everything they could to find the ring but to no avail. “I climbed down into the septic tank so we could pump every bit of it through a strainer to try to find it. No luck,” Shaina says. She was really dirty after that. The couple had no choice but to buy a replacement ring.

They have been married for 21 years now and this Christmas they celebrated Christmas at Nicks’ parent’s house. Nick’s mom gave Shaina a fancy little bag for Christmas. When she opened it she burst into tears. It was her original engagement ring. She was amazed and gasped: “How did you find it?”  In the Fall the parent’s house was being remodeled and they decided to get a new toilet. When the plumber lifted the old one off the seal, the ring fell out. Nick’s dad asked, “Do you think it’s Shaina’s ring?’ and I looked at it again, and I went, ‘Oh my God, yes!'” Nick’s mom Renee recalled. So Christmas day, “Mom and Dad brought this out. It was wrapped up in a fancy little Christmas bag, so we opened it up, and both of us knew exactly what it was,” Nick says. As a surprise for the couple, Renee and her husband cleaned the ring and re-wrapped it in a special toilet shaped box before giving it to them for Christmas. “It was kind of an ugly cry,” Shaina says. “I sat there, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is my ring. This is my ring.’ I’m wiping my eyes, and mascara is going everywhere.” Never give up.

Look what I found:

I found $10 on the sidewalk and I was going to keep it, but then I thought, “What would Jesus do?”
So I turned it into wine.

“Honey, do you remember this morning when I ran all over the place because I was so happy I found my keys again?”
“Erm yeah, was hard to miss, why?”
“… any idea where I could have put them afterwards?”

My girlfriend was devastated when she found out the reason why my nickname is “The Love Machine.”
It’s because I’m terrible at tennis.

Husband: “Scientists have found that men say about 10,000 words a day, while women say about 20,000…”
Wife (shouts from the kitchen): “It’s because we have to repeat everything twice to you blockheads!”
Husband: “What?”

January 3rd Birthdays

1975 – Danica McKellar, 1993 – Candelaria Molfese, 1984 – Katie McGrath, 1950 – Victoria Principal

1909  – Victor Borge, 1981 – Eli Manning,  1892 – JRR Tolkein, 1955 – Mel Gibson

Morning Motivator:

When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves./spa

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