I saw it with my own eyes

If you see the video of Joe Biden walking on the moon with the astronauts, you might be impressed or you might say, Huh? The first big giveaway would be that Doctor Biden was nowhere around to guide him. With today’s technology even the amateurs can make some pretty convincing fake videos even using your real picture and your voice, saying things you never said.

See if you can watch this video shot at a restaurant of two women dining with a python on a table. Watch the video and figure out why the snake is not eating from the chopsticks.

A little snakey bite

In the video, the women are seen having dinner with the huge reptile. They don’t seem to be bothered by the snake or its huge size. It also appears that the people sitting behind or around them are unaffected by the animal present so close to them. At one point in the video, it seems the python is resting its head on the food plate. As the python moves, its mouth becomes extremely close to the woman sitting on the right-hand side, but she does not move. The video was shared by Ilhan Atalay on Instagram and has been captioned as, “Eating dinner with python snake give it to him too so he won’t starve.” Watch closely, the python is floating in midair, the snake’s body never touches the table. OK it is a fake, but a fun one.

Here is another that you can make in your own garage. It certainly gives you the feeling of a burning fire and a guy with X-men hands.

Don’t burn yourself

You can only imagine what the “Deep Fake” technology now available to professionals can do to your pictures and videos.

Is it real?

Normally I hate those trashy, fake, rigged reality TV shows…
But I might watch the “State of the Union” tonight anyway.

Did you hear that the CIA hired Stanley Kubrick to fake the Moon landings?
He was such a perfectionist, he made them film on location.

I was reading labels. Why are lemon pie filling and lemonade made with artificial flavors, but dish soap and furniture polish are made with real lemon juice?

“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.”

America, a land …
where many people think the moon landings were fake but professional wrestling is real.

Morning Motivator:

Live today. Not yesterday. Inhabit your moments.

January 11th Birthdays

1988 –  L’Esperance quintuplets, 1977 – Amanda Peet, 1971 – Mary Blige, 1980 – Deanna Wright

1757 – Alexander Hamilton, 1842 – William James, 1989 – Jedidiah Goodacre, 1923 – Carroll Shelby