Cashing out in Germany

As Americans we are used to the idea that some ambitious fool would try to hook an ATM to the back of his car and drive away. It seems half the time the doors of the bodega or the car doing the pulling suffer more than the cash machine. In Germany they do not think so small or maybe they value their trucks more. When they are going to rob an ATM, they do it with dynamite. If you thought that breaking a door down and pulling a machine bolted to the floor out with a chain was messy, look at the attached picture of this bank lobby. This scene is not a one off. There have been 49 explosion/robberies in the last year in Germany. This is pretty embarrassing for the police and the banks. “Bystanders are directly endangered by the explosions and flying debris. The perpetrators usually flee with highly motorized getaway vehicles and at very high speeds. Here, too, there is a considerable danger to life and limb for uninvolved citizens,” said the German version of our FBI.

More than 2,500 police officers were drafted for the operation against the boom bandits across seven German states. The effort in March saw police set up checkpoints on interstate travel routes to ramp up pressure on gangs operating across state and national boundaries. Many of the crimes are at sites that are easy to flee rapidly in a vehicle, like highway truck stops. Police carried out checks on a total of around 8,000 people and over more than 5,300 vehicles. During the operation, officers registered more than 180 criminal offenses and 360 administrative offenses. In a huge operation lasting several days, police in several German states arrested 42 people in connection with the blowing up of cash machines. underlined the seriousness of the offense in damage not only to property but also to human life. “These measures are aimed specifically at the organized gangs who carry out these crimes in different states and across borders.” The government can help banks protect against ATM robberies with more video surveillance and the use of indelible dyes and glues that machines spray in an explosion that would render stolen bank notes conspicuous and unusable. They added that further incidents can be foiled only by effective preventative measures and reducing cash stocks at individual sites. In many cases, bank foyers are now closed to customers overnight.

Automatic Chuckle machines

Banks should really do a better job of keeping their ATMs filled.
I went to four different ones today and they all said, “Insufficient Funds.”
(This was a joke before Silicon Valley Bank and the Biden administration.)

Two blondes are drawing money from an ATM. One of them says to the other…
“I love the sound of money being printed.”

Only a bank ATM will charge you $3 to get your money back,
then tell you to cover your pin so you don’t get robbed.

I asked the gym trainer what type of machine I should use to get the best looking women.
He said the ATM outside.

March 20th Birthdays

1977 – Emma Willis, 1980 – Bianca Lawson, 1958 – Holly Hunter, 1963 – Kathy Ireland

1928 – Mr. Rogers,  1947 – Bobby Orr,  1957 – Spike Lee, 1931 – Hal Linden

Morning Motivator:

Don’t wait for the sunshine – make your own!

“Vee half money ev-ree ver!”