Too much of a spicy thing

Some people like spicy food. Some people like to show off how tough they are by consuming peppers and other burning condiments for attention. A 25 year old Brazilian woman, Thais Medeiros, was neither of those. She was a regular woman who was innocently cooking supper at her boyfriend’s house with the family…then it hit her. The freak accident occurred back in February after Thais sniffed a pickled goat pepper — a fiery variety popular in the region that has a Scoville rating (a rubric for measuring pepper heat) of between 15,000 to 30,000 — and rubbed it on her nose. Thais reportedly fell ill with an itchy throat, whereupon she was rushed to a hospital in Anápolis, Brazil. Thais was in a coma for several days following the incident. She was subsequently transferred to a facility in her hometown of Goiânia. Thais Medeiros is still recovering in the hospital six months after experiencing serious brain swelling from sniffing a super spicy chili pepper.

In the hospital, doctors discovered she had cerebral edema, fluid building up in the brain. They believe she is likely allergic to the pepper. When the fluid accumulates, it puts pressure on the skull, known as intracranial pressure (ICP). This reduces blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which means it can’t function properly. Symptoms typically include headache, nausea, vomiting, vision problems, seizures, behavioral changes, memory loss, weakness or numbness, and loss of consciousness. Typical treatments to reduce the pressure include brain surgery, medications, elevating the head, and putting the patient on a ventilator to give them more oxygen. Ms Medeiros is slowly recovering, but it’s not clear if she will have lasting neurological issues from the edema.  Brain swelling can cause several long-term effects.

And while Thais was originally slated to return home on Aug. 10, she experienced a bronchospasm — a tightening of the airways in the lungs — that prevented her from leaving. Currently, there is no definite date of release for Thais, who has been left unable to speak or walk following the ordeal. Doctors worry that she won’t be able to resume her normal activities due to the neurological problems caused by the lack of oxygen. Her distraught mother just wants her daughter to come home. “I miss her a lot and I want my daughter to come home, but I understand that she needs to stay there.” “The [other] daughters ask why she doesn’t come home, and I think about her all the time,” Adriana Medeiros said.

Some added spice

A customer ordered a soup in the restaurant and the waiter brings him the soup. Right after the waiter leaves the table the guy calls him back and says, “Try the soup” the waiter asks, “What’s the matter, is it too salty?” The customer says. “Go ahead and taste it” and the waiter asks, “Is it too spicy?” and the guy says, “Just freakin’ try it!” and the waiter asks, “Where’s the spoon?” and the guy answers, “Exactly!”

A Quebecer, staying in a hotel in the Candain West phoned room service for some “pepper.”  “Black pepper, or white pepper?” asked the concierge. “Toilette pepper!” yelled the Quebecer.

What do you call a dinosaur who only ate spicy food?

Things got spicy after I touched my girlfriend’s rack.
I didn’t realize it was broken on one side… what a waste of thyme!

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Too much of a hot thing