All American Gator bragging

Four alligator hunters in Mississippi have broken the state’s record with a gator that weighs over 800 pounds and measures 14 feet long. Tanner White of Flora, Don Woods of Oxford, Will Thomas of Madison, and Joey Clark of Jackson harvested their record-breaking alligator this week. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks recognized the four hunters’ catch as the state’s new state record for the longest harvested male alligator.  “He measured 14 feet and 3 inches long, with a belly girth of 66 inches and tail girth of 46.5 inches. He weighed 802.5 lbs.” the MDWFP. The group went gator hunting with their rod and reels in the Yazoo River on Friday evening. It took them seven hours to land the 14-foot gator. “We saw him early in the evening. We didn’t know about him previously,” said Thomas. “We knew we were in a good spot, and so, we kind of scouted before it got dark,” he said.

“One of the team members, Joey Clark, was the first to spot this alligator. And we knew he was at least 12 feet,” Thomas continued. Thomas and his hunting companions donated the alligator meat to the state of Mississippi — and the meat is reportedly being prepared for distribution at food shelters. “I think 380 pounds of meat got donated,” Thomas said. Thomas added that he suspects the alligator will result in “a lot of leather” given the reptile’s size. “I don’t know what we’re going to do with it, but I’m sure everybody on the team and the family will get something,” he said. Thomas told “Fox & Friends” that alligator hunting a popular activity for Mississippi sportsmen. Speaking for himself, Thomas said he enjoys the “adrenaline rush.”  “It’s just kind of the culture down here – to get out and do this kind of thing,” Thomas continued. “And we’re certainly not the only ones that do it and probably not the best at it, but there’s a lot of people here that do this, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Don’t tell the guys in Florida.

Those boys in the swamps of Mississippi think that is something, come to Florida where we have real alligators. A trio of hunters in Central Florida harvested what could be the second-heaviest alligator in the state’s history last Friday. Kevin Brotz, an alligator hunting guide posted a photo to Facebook showing the 920-pound gator he caught alongside Darren Field and Carson Gore. 118 pounds heavier than those poor boys. The Mississippi gator was longer by a foot because Florida has tourists which make feeding the gators a lot easier. The Florida group caught the 13-foot, near half-ton alligator in the early morning hours. “Between personal trips and clients, I’ve done probably close to a thousand alligator hunts, and I’ve never seen a giant like this,” said Brotz. “For that reason, we’re doing a full body mount. He will be forever memorialized.” Brotz said it took him, Field and Carson about four hours to land the gator.

Brotz said this one appeared healthy it took the trio two attempts to hook the gator, Brotz recalled. The alligator crawled to the bottom of the lake in what appeared to be an attempt to outwait the group. “He didn’t death roll. He was honestly exhausted when he came up,” Brotz said. “It was like looking into a T-Rex’s eyes. It was surreal.” Currently Florida’s heaviest male alligator weighed 1,043 pounds and measured 13 feet, 10.5 inches. “It’d be amazing. It’s humbling. It’s very cool for our families. This is part of our livelihood, not just for income, but for pleasure. It’s a passion,” he added. “You got three guys on the side of a jumbo fishing boat and a 1,000-pound gator weighing you down. There’s like “this much boat above the water,” he said, pressing his fingers together. He says a biologist told him the gator was between 60 and 90 years old. “So for the gator to survive that long, it has to be very clever. Right? He survived a lot of hunting seasons, a lot of natural and tough times,” said Brotz. “Seeing this guy come up next to me, really put in perspective to where I realized like we are an absolute dot compared to what this beast is.”… See you later.

Allegorical thoughts

An alligator asked an electric eel, “Hey, can I touch you?”
Electric eel: “Yes, but I’d have to charge you.”

I thought that my pet alligator was going to eat me!
Turns out he was just pulling my leg.

What is a crocodile’s favorite party game?
Swallow the leader!

What do you call Mark Zuckerberg fighting a crocodile?
Alien VS Predator!

September 4th Birthdays

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1981 – Max Greenfield, 2002 -Tenzing Trainor, 1961 – Damon Wayans, 1949 -Tom Watson

Morning Motivator:

If you want to know what is important.
Try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.

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