Guard cats to the rescue

When Fred Everitt, a 68-year-old retired former oral and maxillofacial surgeon, adopted a cat from the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society four years ago, he thought he was saving her life. But earlier this week, she may have saved his. Cats tend to be active at night, and Bandit is no exception. She’s content to roam the living room or explore the kitchen cabinets in the wee hours of the morning while Everitt sleeps. As he often does, Everitt had gone to bed at around midnight on Sunday. Between 2:30 and 3 a.m. on Monday morning, Everitt heard Bandit letting out loud guttural meows in the kitchen. At first, he didn’t think much of it. He assumed she’d seen another cat out back. Suddenly, Bandit raced into the bedroom, jumped onto the bed and began pulling the comforter off of him and clawing at his arms. Everitt, surprised by the unusual behavior, knew something was wrong. “She had never done that before,” Everitt said. “I went, ‘What in the world is wrong with you?'”

Still unsure of what Bandit wanted, he got out of bed, put his robe on and walked down the hallway to the kitchen. When he flipped on the light switch, he saw two young men outside his back door. One was holding a handgun while the other used a crowbar to try and pry the door open. Everitt ran back to his bedroom, picked up a 9mm pistol and returned to the kitchen. Luckily, the would-be intruders had already fled on foot. Had Bandit not been there and the men gotten into the house, the situation could’ve been very different. “It did not turn into a confrontational situation, thank goodness,” Everitt said. “But I think it’s only because of the cat.” He credits Bandit with possibly saving his life that night.

Bandit was not the only cat saving humans. Last March, Michelle and Rod Ramsey both had headaches as they were getting ready for bed one night in their farm home when Tiger, one of their cats, started meowing and crying in their bedroom. Michelle noticed another one of her cats stumbling in the house and called the vet. She mentioned Tiger’s unusual meowing, and the vet technician on the phone asked if Michelle had turned on the furnace. When she said that she did, the vet told her to get out of the house and call the fire department. When firefighters arrived, they said it was lucky that the couple was awake, let alone alive. The house was full of carbon monoxide. Thanks to Tiger, they got medical treatment and the Ramsey’s and their cats are fine.

Joke warnings

A student in a marketing class came up to a pretty girl and hugged her without any warning.
The surprised girl said, “What was that?”
The guy smiled at her, “Direct marketing!”
The girl slapped him soundly. “What was that?!” said the boy, holding his cheek.
“Customer feedback.”

Warning: Police are on the lookout for an overweight man who did not pay his entrance fee to the Boston Marathon.
He is believed to be still on the run.

Warning label on a box of rat poison:
Has been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice.

Warning label on a Chipotle truck:
Drivers do not carry burritos.

Warning: If you receive a knock, knock email. Do not open it.
It will be Jehovah Witnesses working from home.

August 4th Birthdays

1989 – Kelly O’Hara, 1996 – Bruna Marquisne, 1994 – Megan Reinkes, 1984 – Greta Gerwig

1901 – Louis Armstrong, 1956 – Billy Bob Thornton, 1970 – Bret Baier, 1971 – Jeff Gordon

Morning Motivator:

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include making mistakes.

Thank Heaven for cats