Orangutan adopts 3 tigers

Suryia, the orangutan, loves playing parent to these four baby tiger cubs. The unusual friends live at Myrtle Beach Safari preserve in South Carolina and apparently love spending time with each other. “Suryia showed genuine interest in the cubs when the humans were feeding and caring for them,” Robert Johnson, a senior trainer at the preserve, told ABC News. “As the saying goes, ‘monkey see, monkey do.’ Suryia started mimicking the human care giving behaviors and became very connected to the mothering process, which is particularly interesting for a male orangutan.” The orangutan can be seen feeding the baby tigers milk out of a bottle and then embracing and cuddling with them just like a mother.

In the lengthy video below you can see the tiger cubs are all 1 to 2 months old. They enjoy getting bottle-fed by the large orangutan, as well as cuddling up with him and climbing all over him. Suryia (the Orangutan) was born at Myrtle Beach Safari preserve and is one of four orangutans who live there. “He lives with his brothers and sisters and 10 other apes as well.” But Suryia services don’t stop with bottle feeding. He can be seen embracing the tiny tigers and wrestling with them almost every day — going ape, you might say.

Commenters on the video wrote: “Maternal instinct is ultimate… it overrules everything else.” Another captioned the photo: “Sometimes you feel like your kids belong to a different species but you’re crazy about them nevertheless!” Another commenter teased, “These cubs will be banana eaters and vegans.” Finally a clam voice offered: “It’s Sunday, and I’m super grateful for seeing something nice on Twitter.

Going ape jokes

Evolution tells us we’ve evolved from apes.
I’m pretty sure we’ve evolved from crabs. You know why? Have you ever held a pair of tongs and NOT clicked them together? I rest my case.

“Mom, how did humans come to exist?”
“Well, you see, God created Adam and Eve…”
“But dad said we came from apes.”
“He was talking about his family, I am telling you about mine.”

One day, a zookeeper noticed a chimpanzee reading two books–The Bible and Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Astonished, he asked the ape, “Not only can you read, you’re reading two books at once!?”
“Well,” said the chimp, “I’m trying to figure out if I’m my brother’s keeper, or my keeper’s brother.”

What do you call a big ape that likes to barbecue?
A grilla’

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Morning Motivator:

Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress;
working together is success.

Suryia in maternal action

Better animal instincts