Caution! Ostrich Escape

Here are a couple silly looking chases for good reasons. Beware when you are at the zoo at any time one of those wild animals could escape and you might be the one on the run. It could be a relatively passive ostrich like this first zoo or even a wild snow leopard that was corralled in the second zoo.

With its long neck, round torso, tail feathers and lumbering gait, the huge creature being chased around a Thai zoo (Narration in Thai) by net-wielding veterinarians appears to be an ostrich. The man in the ostrich costume’s job is to help train staff at Chiang Mai Zoo to respond if an animal escapes. Videos shared by the zoo show the staff member getting ready for his big role; his face is smeared with white paint, his arms are tucked into a giant ball of cloth and a fake ostrich head is buckled to the top of his long “neck.” The bizarre scene, in which he was chased around the zoo’s Africa Zone on Tuesday, was actually part of an annual drill meant to simulate an escape. The purpose of the exercise was “to build readiness enabling real situation management, and to prepare measures for when animals escape,” said the zoo in a statement.

The Tama Zoo in Tokyo and its sister Ueno Zoo have been holding animal escape drills. This year, a staff member dressed up as a snow leopard in a mascot costume, complete with cartoon head and fuzzy tail. (In the first video below:) Seventy staff members attempted to capture the wild cat with nets, poles and tranquilizer guns.  At one point, it seemed like the capture was nearly complete when suddenly the leopard attacked a staff member, escaping the nets. “One of our staff being knocked down, injured and then being knocked unconscious and going into cardiac arrest was a part of that.” The sneaky snow leopard jaunted through the zoo until it was shot by a tranquilizer dart. After a couple of prods to ensure that the leopard was unconscious, zoo staff carefully wrapped it in nets to complete the capture. “In the event of a big earthquake, a tree could fall on a cage, or many other things could occur that may lead to an animal escape.”/spa

Escape humor

I’ve lost control. I don’t see an end. There is no escape. I don’t even have a home anymore.
Time for a new keyboard.

I went to the worst escape room ever.
Its called IKEA.

Interviewer : “Just imagine you’re in the 20th floor of a building and it’s on fire. How will you escape?”
“It’s simple.. I will just stop my imagination.”

A man calls a mental institution and asks the woman behind the desk to speak to the man in room 227. When she tells him that the man isn’t there he shouts excitedly, “That’s great! That means I escaped!”

August 29th Birthdays

1987 – Lea Michael, 1991 – Nicola Anderson, 1972 – Caral Gugino, 1915 – Ingred Bergman

1958 – Michael Jackson, 1981 – William Levy,  1941 – Robin Leach, 1958 – Lenny Henry

Morning Motivator:

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

Leopard on the loose

Thai Ostrich chase