The tallest mountain

Victor Vescovo and marine scientist Cliff Kapono earned a Guinness World Record for their “climb” of the world’s tallest mountain. The tallest mountain isn’t Mount Everest, which is the highest, it’s actually Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Everest is 8,848 meters from base to summit while Mauna Kea comes in at 10,211 meters. These Two have become the first to fully ascend Mauna Kea. The base of the peak starts six kilometers below sea level. “It was a three-day event involving submarine, kayak, bicycling and just plain old hiking and climbing.” Vescovo climbed Everest back in 2012, which makes him the first person to visit Earth’s highest and lowest points. Mauna Kea is an esteemed, sacred site within Hawaiian culture. It is believed to be the home of deities (Na Akua), and it’s said its summit is where the Earth Mother (Papa) meets the Sky Father (Wakea). The adventurers started their ascent by descending on his deep-submergence vehicle Limiting Factor. The two men went to a depth of 16,785 feet, where Mauna Kea’s flank levels out at the sea floor, and began their ascent. The men surfaced and kayaked the 26 miles to the shore of Hawaii’s Big Island with their guide, Chad Cabral. They biked 37 miles up the mountain roads. The men finally walked the 6-mile Humu’ula Trail to the mountain’s observatory, where they brandished ski poles to brave the snow and ice that covers the final stretch to the summit. The total climb was 30,585 feet, Everest is 29,032.

Getting up in the world

I just finished this book on climbing Mt. Everest. Now I’m no mountain climber, but I smoke and I live on the third floor, so I can kind of relate. Everest is a lot like laundry day.

The god of thunder road up a mountain atop his handsome filly.
“I’m Thor!” He cried; the horse replied:
“Because you forgot your thaddle thilly.”

Mountain climbers do so much climbing
Don’t they Everest?

Iran lies between the ancient lands of Babylon to the west and the mountains of
Afghanistan to the east…
In other words, it’s between Iraq and a hard place.

January 10th Birthdays

1953 – Pat Benatar, 1961 – Janet Jones-Gretzky, 1989 – Zuria Vega, 1986 – Saleisha Stowers

1949 – George Foreman, 1974 – Hrishik Rothan, 1945 – Rod Stewart,  1973 – Ajit Pai

Morning Motivator:

The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.
The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.

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