Discount thievery

Augie Lopez, 77, has run Augie’s Grocery Deli with his wife Nilda Maldonado in Jersey City, NJ for the past 32 years. It’s a real mom and pop operation down the street. That is why everyone was surprised that a robber would bother stealing from the store. Not only did the man steal cash, he also assaulted Lopez and his wife. He did that even though the elderly shopkeeper, who gets dialysis treatment, couldn’t put up much of a fight. The first of the robberies happened on January 10. The criminal pushed Lopez to the ground, then made off with his grand prize — $10 worth of cigars. That went so smoothly that the perp came back twice more in the same week. This was not a mafia operation because the thief cleaned out the register and got $20. It turns out that getting robbed by the same guy three times in one week left Augie scared to operate his store. “I have been serving the community and I say I’ll do it as long as I live, but now I am kind of fearful because he attacked me, he attacked my wife,” said Lopez. “If you want to take the money, take the money, but don’t hurt people.” Finally Officer Augie Lopez, jr.  and his buddy Officer Maurice Johnson decided to hang around the store and the genius returned for the fourth time. While Johnson was in the back room, the robber ran in and jumped over the counter. That’s when Johnson rushed out from the back. The robber took off and managed to run outside — right into the arms of Lopez Jr. Together, the two police officers wrestled the man to the ground and arrested him. 34-year-old Travis Nealey, has been charged with four counts of strong-armed robbery and one count of resisting arrest. “I feel much, much safer now,” said Lopez. Hopefully the old man can now run his store in peace.

The police are here

I can’t believe I was arrested for impersonating a politician.
I was just sitting there doing nothing.

My local drug dealer started dressing up as a Jehovah’s Witness so he wouldn’t arouse suspicion.
He got arrested after the police saw people actually letting him in.

RoboCop: you are under arrest!
Perp: “Before you arrest me, which of these 9 pictures have cars in them?”
RoboCop: I’m going to let you off with a warning.

Why did Soviet policemen always walk around in groups of three?
One could read, and was needed to read ID documents in case of an arrest.
One could write, and was needed to write down the names for punishment.
The third one was needed to keep an eye on these two dangerous intellectuals

January 28th Birthdays

1987 – Shruti Haasan, 1999 – Ariel Winter, 1978 – Amy Coney Barrett, 1999 – Ariel Winter

1936  – Alan Alda, 1982 – Elijah Wood, 1992 – Wil Poulter, 1985 – Tom Hopper

Morning Motivator:

Tragedy, misfortune and sadness are inevitable, misery is optional.

Sooner or Later