Turn in your underwear

Norway, in spite of being the 5th per capita oil richest countries in the world, has a supply chain shortage. It appears they cannot keep their army in underwear. This is particularly a problem because Norway’s army is often above the Arctic circle along their border with Russia. About 8,000 men and women are called up for mandatory service every year in the army of Norway, a founding member of NATO. In the past, they returned the uniforms after completing a 12- to 19-month term of service but were allowed to keep issued undergarments such socks, underwear and bras. The new underwear turn-in policy is now mandatory, according to Norwegian broadcaster NRK. New draftees will now get used underwear when they begin their military service. In June 2020, a third of the soldiers’ clothing and equipment was missing. “A year ago, we looked at exactly the same shortcomings in close-fitting clothing that we see now, and earlier this autumn, the largest and smallest sizes of footwear were missing,” Eirik Sjoehelle Eiksund was quoted as saying. He believed it was due to errors in the system around ordering and delivery. Norwegian military officials insist the underwear will be cleaned before it is handed out to new troops. “This move is necessary as it provides the Armed Forces with greater garment volumes available for new soldiers starting their initial service.”

Recycling military humor:

“Does this uniform make me look fat?”
Asked the insecurity guard.

I was told that women love a man in uniform.
I can’t wait to start working at McDonalds.

I asked my friends to set me up with a guy in uniform
Garry from Walmart wasn’t quite what I had in mind…

The police chief asked, “Do you have any leads or suspects for the murder case?” The officer responded, “I’d like to interview the bartender wearing high heels and a leopard print dress.”
The chief frowned and said…
“Please, just wear your police uniform.”

January 18th Birthdays

1989 – Ashley Murray, 1997 – Sarah Gillman, 1987 – Becca Tobin, 2001 – Romy Weltman

1955 – Kevin Costner,  2000 – Mateus Ward, 1980 – Jason Segel, 1779 – Peter Roget -Thesaurus and Slide rule

Morning Motivator:

To thrive in life you need three bones.
A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone.

Recycling military humor