Magnetic attraction

One of the biggest questions of the cartoon animal kingdom has been what happens when Spiderman encounters a hamster. “Smurf” the prize (kind of) of Thomas Meech, 10 found out in a life threatening cage hanging saga that played out in England. Smurf seemed unresponsive and the mother, Kate Meech found him hanging on the wall of his little steel wire cage not moving. They watched for three days and Smurf did not move; Not even for fresh water or more food. Finally, the children could take no more and convinced her mom to take Smurf the hamster to out of the cage. When Smurf was out of her cage he began walking around normally, which they didn’t understand. But after checking on him for a few days Kate realized that his body started to push his cheek out through the skin. Kate said one of the children then noticed something in the hamster’s mouth. She added: “So they look inside and find a little magnet. He seemed to be fine so I thought she would just spit it out if he was left alone, but the magnetic attraction to the cage sides was too strong.” The bizarre accident happened when Smurf chewed on the magnet which had fallen off the foot of a Spiderman action figure belonging to Thomas. ‘We found the magnet, removed it and Smurf just has a little graze on her cheek. But she’s back to his normal, loopy self.

Hamster Humor

Q: Why does the mother hamster never tells her babies a bedtime story?
A: She doesn’t have a tale!

A child was continually asking his Mom to buy him a hamster.
When she did, the child looked after it for a couple of days, but soon he got bored, and it became the Mom’s responsibility to feed it.
One day she got upset with the her son’s carelessness and asked him, “How many times do you think this hamster would have died until now, if I hadn’t been looking after it?”
The child replied, “Um, I don’t know. Once?”

My hamster died today…
He fell asleep at the wheel

I was wondering why my hamster was so fat…
Then it became a parent.

January 27th Birthdays

1987 – Katy Rose, 1984 – Davetta Sherwood, 1980 – Rosamund Pike, 1968 – Tracy Lawrence

1969 – Patton Oswalt, 1996 – Braeden LeMasters, 1993 – Freddy Carter, 1756 – Mozart

Morning Motivator:

The best way to predict your future, is to create it!

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