Around the world in 15 days

Zara Rutherford is a Belgian-British pilot, holding FAA and UK private pilot licenses plus Slovakian and French microlight licenses. Rutherford’s parents are pilots and started taking her up in small planes when she was a toddler. By the age of 14 she was learning to fly and dreaming of a round-the-world trip. She says she has been flying for ‘as long as I can remember’, and that one of her biggest dreams has always been to fly around the world. At just 19, having completed her college classes, the ambitious youngster set off from Belgium, heading West, to begin her challenge. Today, 15 days later, Zara touched down in Belgium once again, completing her challenge and earning her place in the history books. Previously, the youngest woman to have flown around the world solo was Shaesta Waiz, who was 30 when she completed her challenge. The youngest solo man record is still held by Travis Ludlow who was 18.

The circumnavigation Zara undertook took in 60 stops across five continents. Originally planned to take around three months, the trip was hampered by multiple issues. In fact, when she arrived in Alaska, only three of the 39 flights she had taken had gone to plan. Delays due to bad weather caused her visa for Russia to expire. She had to wait in Nome for her passport to be shipped over to the Russian consulate in Houston. Even then, she had to wait three more weeks before the weather was good enough in both Nome and Russia to cross the Bering Strait. There were mechanical issues to contend with too. Instrument malfunctions in New Mexico caused problems, and a flat tire saw her stranded in Singapore for Christmas. She had to cope with flying through wildfire smoke in California, and blinding smog in Delhi. Part of the reason to undertake the challenging journey was to encourage girls and young women to take up careers in aviation and STEM. In a statement on her website, Zara said, “With my flight I want to show young women that they can be bold, ambitious and make their dreams come true.”

Humor Worldwide

This is the first time I can’t go on vacation around the world because of the pandemic.
Usually it’s because I just can’t afford it.

Do you know why, all around the world, parliament roofs are built as a dome?
Have you ever seen a circus with a flat roof?

What are the most common 3 words used all around the world?
Made in China.

A worldwide news chain started asking people what’s their opinion on a food shortage
around the world.
The Venezuelans asked what food is
The Europeans asked what shortage is
The Americans asked what the rest of the world is
The Chinese asked what an opinion is, then got arrested for asking too many questions./s

January 21st Birthdays

1957 – Geena Davis, 1996 – Dymond Goods, 1995 – Marny Kennedy, 1976 – Emma Bunton

1978 – Jerry Trainor, 1964 – Hakeem Olajuwom, 1998 – Booboo Stewart, 1986 – Nick Gehlfuss

Morning Motivator:

“Both bread and meat were on this planet for 43 centuries
before someone decided to make a sandwich.”

You go girl!