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Day: January 5, 2021

Zoom Zoot Suit

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Want to look good for a Zoom meeting, but don’t want to get too dressed up? The Japanese company Aoki has created the perfect all day clothes. The “Pajamas Suit” that looks like formal office attire, but feels like pajamas. With outfits in navy, beige, black and dark grey suits for both men and women, the two-piece sleepwear resembles the jacket and pants of full business suits typically worn by top-level executives. They also come with pockets that can fit things like your keys and phone, making it seem like they made this presentable enough for buyers to wear outside. Seems perfect for those who want to be able to wake up and hop on a Zoom call without having to get changed – make sure to fix your hair first, though. Japanese companies also offer “privacy tents” that form a gauzy gray screen above and around your work station at home so viewers can’t tell where you are talking to them from.


Snuggly Chuckles

People need to calm down about Walmart making wearing a mask mandatory.
You can still wear your pajamas.

What do you call someone who makes pajamas?
A soft wear engineer.

One day I shot an elephant in my pajamas.
I’m still trying to figure out how it got in my pajamas

What’s the difference between a man wearing pajamas on a bicycle and a guy wearing a tuxedo on a unicycle?


January 5th Birthdays

1978 – January Jones, 1968 – Carrie Ann Inaba, 1954 – Pamela Sue Martin, 1962 – Suzy Amis

1975 – Warrick Dunn, 1965 – Vinnie Jones, 1952 – Sammo Hung, 1987 – Jason Mitchell


Morning Motivator

Your smile is the universal welcome.


Zoom meeting at 9

Instant Attire