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Day: October 1, 2020

Big relaxation

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How do you calm a nervous elephant? For Kaavan, the hyper Pakstani elephant, you sing him Sinatra songs. Amir Khalil, a vet who has worked in war zones to rescue animals is an elephant whisperer. “When we arrived 10 days ago … I started to train him and to sing to him, so we have a relationship,” he said. Plans are underway to move Kaavan, to Cambodia. The 36-year-old elephant has spent most of his life in a small enclosure with meagre shelter, the last eight years alone, after his companion elephant died. Sadly, Kaavan is called “Pakistan’s loneliest elephant.” “Elephants are social animals. It was observed that Kaavan’s health and behavior changed after the death of his mate. Importing an Asian elephant to Pakistan is not an option. Hence, it is better to relocate him to a sanctuary where there are elephants of his own species.”


Elephantine jokes:

I took my 7 year old son to the zoo today. We were walking around and soon he said, “Look Dad! It’s a frickin’ Elephant!” I was shocked and slightly angry, as everybody was looking at us. “What did you just call it?” I asked. “It’s a frickin’ Elephant, it says so on the picture!” he said, and so it did, A F R I C A N Elephant.

An American visits India and meets an old man in the town square who is renowned for his elephantine memory. He asks the old man what he had for breakfast on the same day 15 years back. “Eggs,” replies the old man, the man scoffs at this saying everyone has eggs for breakfast and walks away. Ten years later he returns to India and sees the same old man on the same spot, goes to him and asks, “How?” The old man takes one look at his face and replies, “Scrambled.”

What do you get when cross an elephant and a rhino?
‘Ell if I know?

What do you call a really unimportant elephant?


October 1st Birthdays

1935 – Julie Andrews 1990 – Brie Larson, 1981 – Sarah Drew, 1989 – Cariba Heine
1988 – Matthew Daddario, 1970 – Zach Galifianakis, 1948 – Harry Lamb, 1966 – Scott Innes


Morning Motivator

I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.


Preflight Jitters

How to make an elephant relax