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Day: October 15, 2020

Seaman over land to the Pacific

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Black Newfoundland dog looking back at you
 Seaman the Explorer Dog Image courtesy of Katherene and Marlin Brown

You know Lewis and Clark and even Sacajawea, but do you know Seaman? He was Meriwether Lewis’ dog and the only animal to complete the entire exploratory trip from St. Louis to Oregon. He was a Black Newfoundland and kept pace with the Lewis and Clark crew as they trudged across prairie, desert and mountains. He was even stolen at one point during the trip, but returned later. Seaman found his own food (usually squirrels) on most of the trip. The crew roasted them for him. Even the local Indians liked him so much so they offered to buy him. Seaman would take on beavers and even mountain goats during their adventure. He got most credit for saving a bunch of men who lie sleeping on the ground when at night a bull buffalo came charging into the camp towards the fires. The bull would have trampled the men laying on the ground. Seaman jumped up barking and drove the bull around the men on the ground. After the expedition reached the Pacific and disbanded Seaman came back to St. Louis with Lewis and Clark.


Explorer humor

What could you call Dora the Explorer’s male children?

Happy Chris Columbus Day! Say what you want about the guy but in reality….
We wouldn’t have the first two Harry Potter movies without him.

The human mind is like Internet Explorer.
There are at least 9 tabs open.
3 of them are frozen.
And there is no clue where the music is coming from.

What did explorers eat when they headed west?
Oregon Trail Mix.


October 15th Birthdays

1981 – Keyshia Cole, 1969 – Paige Davis, 1969 – Vanessa Marcil

1996 – William Brent, 1996 – Billy Unger, 1959 – Emeril Lagasse, 1974 – Paul Logan


Morning Motivator

“Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right”–Henry Ford


Great pal Dog gone it

Lewis and Clark escort