The learning channel on YouTube

In this world where everything is so fast and automated how do you learn to perform all the ins and outs of this technical life correctly? There were a number of criminal gangs that had the same problem. They had tough guys and get away drivers, but the banks now had cameras and exploding dye packs so that an old-fashioned bank robber was going out of style. Bank tellers have been replaced by ATM’s. The machines can be located at banks, stores or gas stations. You have seen videos of criminals beating the machines with hammers and dragging them with cars stealing the whole machine and take it apart somewhere else. The Germans and Dutch gangs though tried using explosives to open the machines in place and then take the cash out. In fact, Dutch police repot 414 bombed ATM’s. The gang had problem though. Their field guys did not know how to do it right. The picture above was an ATM installation blown up with too much explosive. So being hip creatures of the intent age, the gang decided to make a YouTube video on how to safely and profitably blow open an ATM. The plan was to handout the video to their own guys and perhaps sell it. The gang ordered several ATM’s from different manufacturers and setup a sound studio to film the action and show the best way to extract the cash in the least time. It was a great training prospect, unfortunately during some the filming the star blew himself up and likely injured his camera man. At which point ambulance and police were called and that ended their educational career.


YouTube reviews:

I randomly encountered a video on YouTube entitled “How to stop procrastinating.”
I thought it would be beneficial for me since I am constantly procrastinating, so I saved it to watch later.

What is common between YouTube and our government?
Both break their own laws.

Why is the pH of YouTube so stable?
It constantly buffers.

A YouTuber got extremely famous for catching lots of fish with only a computer mouse…
Turns out it was just clickbait.


October 4th Birthdays

1989 – Melissa Benoist, 1990 – Dakota Johnson, 1977 – Alicia Silverstone, 1997 – Ella Balinska

1989 – Derek Rose, 1958 – Bill Faggerbakke, 1998 – Dale Whibley, 1987 – Michael Roman


Morning Motivator:

Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.


Don’t try this at home: