The computer’s favorite

Jennifer King says, “I noticed it while I was sleeping. I woke to a strange hum and I thought there was a spacecraft outside my bedroom window.” The visitors Jennifer King is talking about don’t just come at night. They come all day, right to the end of 15th Avenue, where there’s nothing else to do but make some kind of multi-point turn and head back out the way they came in. Not long after that car is gone, there will be another, which will make the same turn and leave, before another car shows up and does the exact same thing. And while there are some pauses, it never really stops. “There are some days where it can be up to 50,” King says of the Waymo count. “It’s literally every five minutes. And we’re all working from home, so this is what we hear.” A normally quiet neighborhood in San Francisco is buzzing about a sudden explosion of traffic. Neighbors say their San Francisco dead-end street has suddenly become crowded with Waymo vehicles. “It’s literally every five minutes. And we’re all working from home, so this is what we hear. We have talked to the drivers, who don’t have much to say other than the car is programmed and they’re just doing their job,” King says. “And especially across a Slow Street, and into a one-block street,” added Andrea Lewin, referring to the city program designed to limit through traffic on certain residential streets. “It’s a little peculiar.”


I can’t be lost…

I love having a GPS… Because now I have two women telling me how to drive.

I bought a new Japanese car. I turned on the GPS… I don’t understand a word they’re saying.

What do you. Call a Mexican GPS?
Juan Direction

My satellite navigation told me to turn around.
Now I can’t see where I’m driving.


October 20th Birthdays

1984 – Alona Tol, 1986 – Jennifer Freeman, 1970 – Michelle Malkin, 1972 – Dannii Minogue

1980 – Joh Krasinski, 1931 – Micky Mantle, 1969 – Viggo Mortensen, 1996 – Zhenwhi Wang


Morning Motivator:

Wisdom has two parts: 1) Having a lot to say. 2) Not saying it.


I must be right, everyone is doing it.