Hard working Squirrels

Bill Fischer of Grand Forks, ND was gone for a long weekend. The neighborhood squirrels have made his work truck a very comfortable place to hang out. Over the years they have left acorns and other edible offerings in and around the truck. “I’ve learned that when I witness the squirrel under the truck or sitting on a wheel to open the hood and do an inspection before driving away,” Fischer said. I have in the past used a mixture of cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce in a spray mixture under the hood to keep the critters away. This weekend was a new record. You can see not only did they fill the engine compartment, but they even pushed walnuts inside the fenders and to places he could not reach to pull them out. In total, Bill ended up removing the entire front clip of the vehicle in order to clear everything out. He spent seven hours removing the nuts and ended up with 42 gallons of walnuts or about 150 pounds coming out of his truck. “I have some rolling around the frame, rails and wells as well, that I can’t get at,” Fischer said. He was philosophical about the squirrel’s effect on his truck. “Life is too short not to laugh at it!”


Saving in case…

Squirrels have a habit of storing food in the winter
Isn’t that nuts?

When I don’t feel like cleaning the house, I’ll watch “Hoarders” and I’m convinced I could put it off for another week.

I was chasing a squirrel in my back yard. The squirrel ran up a tree.
My car was totaled.

My New Year’s resolution is to become a hoarder.
I’m starting as soon as I clean out my basement.


October 28th Birthdays

1967 – Julia Roberts, 1998 – Eliana Jones, 1986 – Trojan Bellasario, 1997 – Lane MacNeil

1974 – Jouqain Phoenix, 1981 – Joe Thomas, 1972 – Brad Paisley, 1956 – Bill Gates


Morning Motivator:

From a small acorn a mighty oak may grow.


Squirrely planning ahead