With 6 you get curry

At the age of 39, Kristen Grae Williams decided to adopt a baby. “I always dreamt of being a mom and just because I didn’t have a partner, I didn’t want to miss out.” Although plagued with doubts about being a single mother, Ms. Williams soon realized that any child would be happier at home than at an orphanage. Being a “single female” restricted her options, so she started exploring international adoptions and lost $28,000 when the US department of State suspended adoptions from Nepal. “I was heartbroken,” she revealed. She received a call from an adoption agency in India, which told her that she had been cleared for adoption from that country. “Munni finally came home on Valentine’s Day in 2013” – and her bond with her mother grew as she did. But as she watched Munni grow up, Ms. Williams realized she did not want her to be a single child, and so she geared up for her second adoption.

My agent called and said, ‘There’s a 22 month old girl. She’s healthy, but she doesn’t have a nose. Roopa, a little girl who had been abandoned on the street by her parents and attacked by dogs before she was discovered. I loved being a mom to my girls and if I could get more girls’ to be addressed as ‘daughter’ instead of ‘orphan’, my life would be complete; within 2 years Mohini and Sonali joined us and made our little family slightly bigger!”

With that, Ms. Williams switched careers and started working real estate from home eventually, keen not to miss watching her children grow up. By 2019, Ms. Williams had her hands full raising her four daughters. Kristen started noticing children with Down Syndrome. She adopted Snigdha in January 2020. “It’s a full house now. Snigdha is still adjusting; it’s a little tough to interact with her, but we’re getting there!” she says. “I started creating this mosaic when I was 39, at 51 it’s complete. 12 years! These 12 years will always be sacred, because in these 12 years all five of my daughters found their way home.”


Family Fun

The dad has won a nice toy at a contest and brought it home to his family for a decision. He gathered the five children and explained there was only one toy and five of them so they would have to decide who would get to own the prize. He asked three questions to set the winner: “Who is the most obedient to mother?” “Who never talks back to mother?” And “Who does what mother tell them without an argument?” The children thought among themselves for a few minutes and agreed on the recipient. They said, “OK, Dad you get to keep the prize.”

After checkup a doctor asked his patient, “Is there anything you would like to discuss?” “Well,” said the patient,” I was thinking about getting a vasectomy.” “That’s a big decision. Have you talked it over with your family?” “Yes, we took a vote and they were in favor of it, 15 to 2.”

Mother who ran the house as a democracy announced to her teenage daughter: “Tonight was your little brothers turn to choose the meal. We’re having gum.”

When an efficient secretary asked her boss for a raise in her salary, he turned her down, saying:” ‘Your salary is already higher than that of the secretary at the next desk. And she has five children.” ‘”Excuse me,”’ the efficient woman replied, “I thought we got paid for what we produce here, not for what we produce at home in our own time.”


October 18th Birthdays

1956 – Martina Navratilova, 1951 – Pam Dawber, 1984 – Lindsay Vonn, 1985 – Freida Pinto

1961 – Winton Marsalis, 1960 – Jean Claude Van Damme, 1988 – Zac Efron, 1992 – Tyler Posey


Morning Motivator:

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”


From the streets of India