Lean Mean Green machine

Tony Edwards, a mechanical engineer from St. Martins, Shropshire, England, said he became interested in building the world’s fastest lawnmower about two years ago. “I know that a guy from the U.K. had the record at one point, at 96 mph. Then I think Honda had it at 116mph, and then a team from Viking Gardening Company of Norway did it at 133.5 mph, and I thought I’d give it a try.” Tony designed his high speed lawnmower and hired a professional welder to create the frame. He bought the motorcycle engine and the other parts as he went along, building the whole thing in his garage at home. To win the Guinness record the mower has to be able to really cut grass so the blades and deck are from standard equipment. “I had to send videos to Guinness to prove that it was a lawnmower,” he said. Tony and friends did their speed test on an empty runway at Elvington Airfield in York. They got his mower up to 143 mph, beating the previous records. Tony explained he could get the unit to go faster, but at higher speeds the front wheels lose traction which makes steering pretty dangerous.


It not easy being green:

The worst thing about living next door to a good gardener is that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Tesla have just announced their new lawn mower
The “E Lawn” it’s a musk.

There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s.

Ole walks by Sven’s house and sees a sign that says: “Bot for sale.” He walks up the driveway and only sees a tractor and a lawn mower. He goes up to the door and says, “Ole, I see dat sign dat says ‘bot for sale,’ but alls I see is a tractor and a lawn mower.” Sven says, “Yup, and dey’re bot for sale.


October 11th Birthdays

1958 – Dawn French, 1963 – Joan Cusack, 1976 – Emily Deschanel, 1986 – Michelle Tractenberg

1961 – Steve Young, 1939 – Ralph Lauren, 1994 – Brandon Flynn, 1978 – Matt Bomer


Morning Motivator:

A fool and his money are some party.


Wanna see that lawn mowed again?