Lending a Turban to a man in need

A group of Sikh students hiking in a Canadian national park set aside religious code to rescue two hikers stranded in a waterfall pool. Kuljinder Kinda was hiking with four other students when they came across two men who had slipped down a rock face and fallen into a pool below a waterfall. Mr. Kinda and his friends broke tradition and removed their turbans to fashion a makeshift rope with which they hauled the pair to safety in a rescue that is being widely lauded on social media. Footage of the incident has gone viral after Mr. Kinda shared it. He told NBC News that the stranded hikers initially asked them to call emergency services, which they could not do because they did not have cellphone service. The five men tried to look around for help – unsuccessfully – and then came up with the idea of removing their turbans to create a rope. “We were trying to think how we could get them out, but we didn’t know how to,” said Mr. Kinda. “So we walked for about 10 minutes to find help and then came up with the idea to tie our turbans together.” The video below shows them working together to create a makeshift rope to pull the two hikers to safety. Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue also praised the group of friends. They were on duty when the accident occurred and reached the scene shortly after they had rescued the hikers.


Thinkers from India

A Chinese man came to India. He took a taxi at the airport. On his way by seeing a bus he told the taxi driver that in India buses run very slow. In China buses run very fast. After sometime, he came near a railway bridge and saw a train passing over the bridge. Then the Chinese guy told the driver that the trains also run very slow here. In China trains run very fast. Throughout the journey he complained to the driver disparaging India. However, the taxi driver kept mum throughout the journey. When the Chinese man reached his destination, he asked the driver what is the meter reading and taxi fare thereon. The driver replied, “it is $500.”

The Chinese guy was shell shocked after hearing the taxi fare. He shouted:
“Are you kidding..? in your country buses run slow, trains run slow, everything is slow. How come the meter alone runs fast..?” To this the driver replied calmly.


India is a very peaceful country.
Because nobody has any beef over there.


What state in India is most famous for Covid injection dumb jokes?
Punjab, of course.


How did the people of India get so good at medicine?
They’ve got much practice thanks to a lot of Sikh people.


October 26th Birthdays

1947 – Jaclyn Smith, 1995 – Allie DeBerry, 1963 – Natyalie Merchant, 1984 – Amanda Overmyer

1946 – Pat Sajak, 1964 – Tom Cavanaugh, 1969 – Keith Urban, 1981- Sam Brown


Morning Motivator:

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.


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